Joseph Timothy Lewis Jr., a Providenciales native, started Shay's Decor to help couples handle logistics – down to the last beautiful detail – for their wedding celebrations.

joseph lewis:wedding planner

Story and Image: Dominique Rolle/Caya Hico Media From Jennifer Lopez’s meticulous turn in The Wedding Planner to Father of the Bride’s hilariously eccentric Franck, wedding planners are often portrayed in the movies as being obsessive in their commitment to pulling off a couple’s big day. At 31, Providenciales native Joseph Timothy Lewis Jr. never imagined…

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A little “me-time” is hard enough
for a busy TV star but Tammin Sursok is all
about the family vacation on island.

tammin sursok: actor, traveler, blogger, mom

Poor, sweet Jenna Marshall! Tormented –then  blinded! – by the jealous mean-girl clique of Rosewood, USA, while still just a teenager! But she’ll get her revenge. Or will she? That’s the Tammin Sursok known to fans of the hit Freeform network series Pretty Little Li­ars (once described as “Desperate Housewives for teenagers”). Think over-the-top tween/teen…

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randy moss: keeping an eye on the ball

Like most sports-loving Canadi­ans, Ryan Jones grew up playing hockey. At some point, though, he and his twin brother began gravi­tating toward American football. It became his great love. Today, Jones is a Providenciales resident and a devoted evangelist of the game he credits with sustaining him through the death of his father when he…

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Delano Williams, who grew up on the island of Grand Turk, is inspiring his birth nation.

tci olympian delano williams making waves

During the two exciting weeks of athletic competition at the Rio Olympic Games, we often heard tear jerking stories of impoverished youth overcoming insurmountable odds to achieve greatness. For both Delano Wil­liams and me, natives of the island of Grand Turk, an abundance of love – and food, kept us happily unaware of any lack…

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Jimkelly Joseph shares his love of boxing with island youth.

jimkelly joseph: boxing mentor

It’s the end of summer showcase at the Ed­ward C. Gartland Youth Centre and Jimkelly Joseph glances over his mentees one last time before leading them out to a roar from the crowd of parents, sponsors, students, and friends. As he guides them through an impressive showcase of boxing technique, fitness and obedience, it quickly…

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David Parsons and current members of his renowned Parsons Dance Company take posing for photos to a new level in
front of Stargazer Villa. The dancers rehearsed for their island performances in the villa’s studio on International Drive.

david parsons: leaps and bounds

In “Caught,” David Parsons’ most famous recent work of choreography, dancers captured in strobe light fly above a darkened stage, each leap frozen at its perfect apex and expression. “Caught” is dance distilled to a new essence: Achingly beautiful, yes, but also profoundly isolated. So one of the many happy surprises from the David Parsons…

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Marini, wife Carol, son Georges and daughter Julianna, had ‘an unbelievable blast’ in Turks and Caicos in March.

gilles marini: family time

elaxing family vacation or elaborate lifestyle photo shoot? When the absurdly attractive family in question is led by ridiculously good looking actor Gilles Marini, the results can be hard to distinguish. He’s probably best known for his breakout 2008 turn as “the naked guy” in the Sex and the City movie. Devotees of the franchise…

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David Bowen is the Grace Bay Resorts: Director of
Wellness, Culture & Entertainment.

david bowen: keeper of the flame

In the presentations native Islander David Bowen gives visitors about the culture and history of the Turks and Caicos, more than words spin the tales. Conch shells, pearlescent and bright, sing out long-distance messages from the past. Fibers and grains evoke the fading eras of cotton and salt. He moves as he speaks, too, summoning…

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