start ups: rising artists on the scene

Many of them started showcasing their talents in Chrystal ‘TESS’ Charles’ backyard at the beloved entertainer’s ‘no-judgment, all love’ monthly open mic nights she dubbed B(ring) Y(our) O(wn) C(reativity) in April 2017. Some of them are veterans of the spoken word poetry scene trailblazed by the Towers of Babel, a performing arts troupe that first…

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moira dedrick: a different muse

Recently, Quebec native Moira Dedrick found herself noticing new things in the Caribbean sunsets she views from her home on South Caicos. So she started painting them, one after another after another. A collection of those small canvases now hangs in her kitchen. “As I began to pull (the paintings) together, I started to see…

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melissa odabash showcases ready-for-anything resort wear in turks and caicos

Vacation booked. Now you just need to find the perfect bathing suit. No matter where you go for inspiration – trendy style blogs, fashion magazines, your favorite celebrity’s social media – you’re likely to come across the latest designs from Melissa Odabash. See that sexy, bright-white Venice one-piece lace-up? It demands so much of your…

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