start ups: rising artists on the scene

Many of them started showcasing their talents in Chrystal ‘TESS’ Charles’ backyard at the beloved entertainer’s ‘no-judgment, all love’ monthly open mic nights she dubbed B(ring) Y(our) O(wn) C(reativity) in April 2017. Some of them are veterans of the spoken word poetry scene trailblazed by the Towers of Babel, a performing arts troupe that first…

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Encyclia caicensis: native orchids

Perfume ads tend to conjure up surreal empty fields filled with flowers that bloom aromatically, but at the end of Middle Caicos, at a place called Wild Cow Run, that dream really does exist. Following the single road that winds through sleepy villages like Conch Bar and Bambarra, places where friendly elders pass the time…

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salt cay life

rom the blue shores of the Atlantic through the beachside sluice gates and into the copper colored soul of Salt Cay run the legendary salinas. An artifact not only of the abandoned salt industry that drove the economy of Salt Cay 300 years ago, but also a place of memories for so many men, women…

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