Kyle Smith is building something; and as things go in building, they go in life. First come the plans, followed by a strong foundation, before finally the frame of a structure can rise. At 35, the Grand Turk born developer has already built an impressive professional career, but the foundations of that success sit upon the joint pillars of commitment to his family and community through service.

As a Director of Windward Development, a quiet industry powerhouse behind luxury waterfront developments such as Blue Cay Estate and the oncoming South Bank project in Long Bay, Smith has made his mark in the real estate development market. Still, equally valuable to his portfolio of projects is his impassioned role as a community leader with a focus on youth development and entrepreneurship in the Turks and Caicos.

Perhaps it’s convenient to assume that succeeding in one’s profession automatically attracts lofty board appointments and non-profit affiliations, but for Smith, those relationships reflect nearly two decades of committed work, in and out of the country, to positively impact young people and society at large.

Long before he got involved with community service organizations like Rotaract, and co-founded the youth entrepreneurial support group, Young Corporate Alliance TCI, the community volunteer’s life involved working in his family’s business, serving in his church, and mentoring students younger than him – all of which he continues to do.

In 2003, after completing his A-Levels at Providenciales’ British West Indies Collegiate, Smith embarked upon his university journey in the United Kingdom. After obtaining his first degree in general engineering Smith returned home, “feeling like I could make a difference.”

In between his Bachelors and a second stint in England to obtain a Master’s in Construction Economics and Management from UCL, Smith worked closely with preeminent attorney, entrepreneur and philanthropist, the late Clive Stanbrook QC, O.B.E.

“He was an amazing human being who provided me with so many opportunities,” Smith says of the man who, along with so many entrepreneurial, political and philanthropic successes from both sides of his family, taught him the balance between thriving at work, home and in the community.

Though brimming with passion and ready to build his own nest, it wasn’t yet time for the new graduate to set down roots. In 2010, Smith embarked on one of the great adventures of his life, spending two years in Malawi as a Project Manager and Consultant on a rural farm. It would be a time that echoed the lessons he had learned as a child, seen lived by his mentors.

“I got to see love in its purest form. I got to see sharing in its purest form. You see people that really embrace life, which allowed me to learn that I need to strive for inner change within myself,” Smith admits.

What he built on the foundation of those experiences since returning to Providenciales seven years ago can only be described as impressive. Professionally, within Stanbrook’s group of companies, and later at Windward Development, Smith boasts a resume that reads like a checklist of large commercial project expansions and renovations, and unique real estate developments.

Despite the demands of his soaring professional journey, the secret guitar aficionado continues to invest heavily of his time in the local community, but now his motivation runs even deeper for a very special reason. In 2018, his daughter was welcomed to the world. A world that he says challenges him to continue building the kind of society he’s long been working towards.

“Having a daughter, you’re faced with the idea that you have to be protective all the time,” Smith says, “And protection of a child takes on many different roles. Protection of that child is in the home, but particularly her future.”

If her father has anything to do with it, the future for one little girl and the generation she belongs to in these islands will certainly be built upon the strongest foundation possible.

Story & Images: Dominique Rolle/Caya Hico Media