Would you agree, there is a little something magical about finding a great swimsuit? One might ev­­­­en describe the experience as subtly seductive. That moment when your eyes catch a glimpse of a sublime two-piece and your heart flutters just a bit as the imagination wanders to water, a beach, feeling fabulous, and having fun.

Splashing around carefree in a heavenly swimsuit, toes in the sand, laughing with friends, these images evoke a sentiment that lives beyond the fantasy of Cyprianna Green. Combining her sensibilities for the balance of style and bliss, with an immensely creative talent, the brand bēchë was fashioned along with inspiration from the islands Green calls home. ­

”I wanted to create a swim brand that paid homage to the Turks and Caicos,” says the island born entrepreneur who founded the brand in 2016. More than just a souvenir (but also a great one), Green sought to design styles that would appeal to those who savor the blissful island spirit.  

Mission accomplished. Now in its third season, bēchë has garnered fans from near and far. “I wanted it to have prints and colors that reflect the islands,” she explains. There was even a colorful collaboration with local artist Hezron Henry who created a print exclusively for bēchë in 2017.

One of the brand’s most popular suits, selling with equal attraction to both residents and island visitors, is the turquoise Turks one-piece. As a further nod to the islands, each piece has a name inspired by the Turks and Caicos. Other fan favorites include the Bight top and bottom, offered in several island inspired colors, and the yellow and black Cheshire one-piece.

Not to be left out, bēchë also currently offers a men’s Reef edition trunk and its most recent release, a Turks one-piece sized for girls. There is more to come from this Turks and Caicos born brand, with a highly-anticipated fourth collection expected to launch this spring.

Now, how to get your hands on your own genuine bēchë: order online at shopbeche.com for worldwide shipping. For those located in or visiting the Turks and Caicos, including at hotels and villas, bēchë offers same day delivery right to your door.

Image by Mermaid Pictures. Model: Makayla.
Jewelry: Atelys. Swimsuit: Salina by bēchë.