Song writer and producer Wyatt Easterling (right) brought along friends Naked Blue (Jen and Scott Smith) to participate in the 2015
Sundowner Music Festival.

sundowner music festival cruises to success

Music is a big business. With global audiences and expensive production budgets to cover, the music industry runs on big venues, big contracts, big names and big vendors. But music is also little. Personal. Communicative. Experimental. Collaborative. And this is the paradox: Without the little things that sustain the intimate exploration of music as a…

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Casablanca Casino

casablanca keeps good times rolling

For just a split second, the rhythmic sound of bells and rapid shuffling of varnished plastic fade. The air thick with anticipation, as the first bone falls upon the green felt. Enthusiastic onlookers draw in a quiet breath as their bodies lean in slightly awaiting the second to finish a final bounce. The silence is…

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