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Before this spring, they were just two unknown local teenagers. But after a chance encounter in mid-April, Turks and Caicos sea turtles – Wayne and Gerald – are off to see the world as scientific celebrities, with fans around the world watching their every move. The two “sub-adult” green turtles were picked up on the…

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Stunning elevated views at Beach Enclave North Shore, provide the perfect spot for daily yoga with instructors from Retreat.

beach enclave: getting away to it all

A year ago, when the developers of Beach Enclave announced they would be add­ing a second location to their Turks & Caicos portfolio – this time on Providenciales’ Long Bay, its first development on the island’s North Shore was deep into construction. By the time the first shovel struck dirt on Beach Enclave Long Bay,…

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Bird Rock Point Trail: a unique TCI journey

Having already experienced the other five (incredible) National Heritage Sites protected by the Turks and Caicos National Trust (“TCNT”), I had low expectations for my final expedition. Could an hour-long trek through the bushes in Providenciales’ Leeward area possibly compare to the glori­ous history of Salt Cay, North Caicos’ Wade’s Green Plantation, Provo’s Cheshire Hall,…

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Legendary for making stand-up paddleboarding widely accessible, Kalama shows how it's done.

dave kalama: a week of adventure

Mountaineer and entrepreneur Yvon Chouinard used to say that adventure starts when everything goes wrong. To un­derstand that in a visceral way, stand atop a paddleboard, surrounded by uncharted mangrove islands and the wild, scenic Turks and Caicos cays, and scan the vast horizon. Out here, a slight shift in the wind can change everything,…

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coco van

coco fun: Providenciales’ latest foodie sen­sation

Coco Van – Providenciales’ newest foodie sen­sation – breaks away from the island’s culinary mainstream by invoking the carefree spirit of the classic Airstream. Coco Van is Provo’s stylish answer to America’s food truck craze, an island take on the street-side urban dining trend. Though the streamlined caravan stays parked next to its sister restaurant,…

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Annual Valentine's Day Cup on Middle Caicos

17th Annual Valentine’s Day Cup

Most people celebrate Valentine’s Day with flowers, chocolates and romantic dinners. On the island of Middle Caicos, people also celebrate on the beach racing model sailboats built by hand—an ode to a local tradition that played an important role in the childhood of many Turks and Caicos Islanders. This Saturday, February 18, local residents and…

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A little “me-time” is hard enough
for a busy TV star but Tammin Sursok is all
about the family vacation on island.

tammin sursok: actor, traveler, blogger, mom

Poor, sweet Jenna Marshall! Tormented –then  blinded! – by the jealous mean-girl clique of Rosewood, USA, while still just a teenager! But she’ll get her revenge. Or will she? That’s the Tammin Sursok known to fans of the hit Freeform network series Pretty Little Li­ars (once described as “Desperate Housewives for teenagers”). Think over-the-top tween/teen…

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