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step by step at Rock House

Peering across the 14-acre oceanfront site, completed rooftops dot the landscape. There is a busy hum of activity, as step by step, this striking residential resort located on Providenciales’ north shore continues to take shape. Construction works are moving full steam at Rock House, all in preparation for the highly-anticipated opening this year. Moving full…

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something in common

Walk through the door of Atelys, and you may notice the soft cling of a hammer molding metal echoing in the background. This sound could seem immaterial, if it were not coming from the on-site workshop. It’s a delightfully audible note of the creativity of Atelys Adrian, who is not only the shop’s namesake, but…

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blissfully designed

Would you agree, there is a little something magical about finding a great swimsuit? One might ev­­­­en describe the experience as subtly seductive. That moment when your eyes catch a glimpse of a sublime two-piece and your heart flutters just a bit as the imagination wanders to water, a beach, feeling fabulous, and having fun….

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an air of romance

Picture this: you alongside the one you love, hand in hand, soaking in the sea air, splashing in the water, dancing in the sand. Sounds like a fantasy, right? Would you believe there is a stunningly beautiful place where those moments exist beyond just daydreams. In fact, it is capturing wistful moments like these, that…

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Save the date for 2022

The first Saturday in February is usually marked by a beloved culinary soiree for a cause on the island of Providenciales. Over the past decade, an array of island chefs has wowed local and visiting foodies with their chocolate inspired creations at the annual Chocolate Lovers Showcase. At the sparkling event, guests enjoy delectable bites…

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what’s new from OKAICOS

Temperatures across the northern hemisphere are starting to drop, but here in the Turks and Caicos, bikini and board-short weather continues to dominate the forecast. October is upon us, and whether you’re planning to enjoy the islands’ world-renowned beaches, fly across the waves carried by the wind on a kiteboard or sip sundowners at your…

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