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coco van

coco fun: Providenciales’ latest foodie sen­sation

Coco Van – Providenciales’ newest foodie sen­sation – breaks away from the island’s culinary mainstream by invoking the carefree spirit of the classic Airstream. Coco Van is Provo’s stylish answer to America’s food truck craze, an island take on the street-side urban dining trend. Though the streamlined caravan stays parked next to its sister restaurant,…

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Joseph Timothy Lewis Jr., a Providenciales native, started Shay's Decor to help couples handle logistics – down to the last beautiful detail – for their wedding celebrations.

joseph lewis:wedding planner

Story and Image: Dominique Rolle/Caya Hico Media From Jennifer Lopez’s meticulous turn in The Wedding Planner to Father of the Bride’s hilariously eccentric Franck, wedding planners are often portrayed in the movies as being obsessive in their commitment to pulling off a couple’s big day. At 31, Providenciales native Joseph Timothy Lewis Jr. never imagined…

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Annual Valentine's Day Cup on Middle Caicos

17th Annual Valentine’s Day Cup

Most people celebrate Valentine’s Day with flowers, chocolates and romantic dinners. On the island of Middle Caicos, people also celebrate on the beach racing model sailboats built by hand—an ode to a local tradition that played an important role in the childhood of many Turks and Caicos Islanders. This Saturday, February 18, local residents and…

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A little “me-time” is hard enough
for a busy TV star but Tammin Sursok is all
about the family vacation on island.

tammin sursok: actor, traveler, blogger, mom

Poor, sweet Jenna Marshall! Tormented –then  blinded! – by the jealous mean-girl clique of Rosewood, USA, while still just a teenager! But she’ll get her revenge. Or will she? That’s the Tammin Sursok known to fans of the hit Freeform network series Pretty Little Li­ars (once described as “Desperate Housewives for teenagers”). Think over-the-top tween/teen…

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randy moss: keeping an eye on the ball

Like most sports-loving Canadi­ans, Ryan Jones grew up playing hockey. At some point, though, he and his twin brother began gravi­tating toward American football. It became his great love. Today, Jones is a Providenciales resident and a devoted evangelist of the game he credits with sustaining him through the death of his father when he…

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The islands are full of rare beauty, including Encyclia caicensis, orchids, native
solely to Turks & Caicos.

Encyclia caicensis: native orchids

Perfume ads tend to conjure up surreal empty fields filled with flowers that bloom aromatically, but at the end of Middle Caicos, at a place called Wild Cow Run, that dream really does exist. Following the single road that winds through sleepy villages like Conch Bar and Bambarra, places where friendly elders pass the time…

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