Modern-day explorer Mario Rigby is on a mission to inspire others to get out, be brave, and see the world. After crossing the continent of Africa from Cape Town to Cairo on foot and kayak, as well as cycling across the breadth of Canada, Mario is coming home to chronicle new adventures right here in the Turks and Caicos.

In between his globe-trotting explorations to remote parts of the world in 2020, Mario will share breathtaking and heart-pumping local adventures with our readers and followers. Diving into history, culture and natural wonders, the series offers a dynamic perspective on the diverse beauty of the islands’ through the eyes of its very own adventurer.

Revisiting some of his favorite spots and exploring new horizons of his homeland, Mario will venture to the islands’ most rugged landscapes, revealing the historical significance of visited sites, as well as expounding on the islands’ rich culture in this visual storytelling series.

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Adventures abound in the Turks and Caicos and our new series with Mario Rigby is bringing you in on the action.
Connecting local history and culture with adventure is the focus of this visually compelling storytelling series.
Read, see and listen to stories that bring the past into the present, allowing travelers and locals alike to experience the unique aspects that make these islands extraordinary