In the third installment of our Beyond the Page series with modern-day explorer Mario Rigby, we delve into the local spirit of adventure. Heading to the island of South Caicos, Mario connects with fisherman and guide Tim Hamilton for a stunning adventure to several out-laying cays. Along the way, hearing some of Captain Tim’s fondest childhood memories, Mario gathers insight into the unique history of the island known locally as “The Big South”.

“It’s all in the exploring of the islands,” Captain Tim tells Mario as they share a casual chat before heading out for a day of adventuring.

Born on the island of Middle Caicos, at the age of only one-years-old Tim Hamilton moved with his family to South Caicos and he has fondly called it home ever since.

“Our beautiful waters, our beautiful beaches, nice sunshine, and the people are friendly,” Captain Tim explains why South Caicos is the right place to be is no better place to be.

This fisherman has spent his entire life living and exploring the waters and cays around South Caicos.

Tim and Mario share a passion for getting out and experiencing all that nature has to offer, and together their exploration gives you a peek into all the diverse wonders of a Turks and Caicos adventure.

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