Bird Rock Point Trail: a unique TCI journey

Having already experienced the other five (incredible) National Heritage Sites protected by the Turks and Caicos National Trust (“TCNT”), I had low expectations for my final expedition. Could an hour-long trek through the bushes in Providenciales’ Leeward area possibly compare to the glori­ous history of Salt Cay, North Caicos’ Wade’s Green Plantation, Provo’s Cheshire Hall,…

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Legendary for making stand-up paddleboarding widely accessible, Kalama shows how it's done.

dave kalama: a week of adventure

Mountaineer and entrepreneur Yvon Chouinard used to say that adventure starts when everything goes wrong. To un­derstand that in a visceral way, stand atop a paddleboard, surrounded by uncharted mangrove islands and the wild, scenic Turks and Caicos cays, and scan the vast horizon. Out here, a slight shift in the wind can change everything,…

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Annual Valentine's Day Cup on Middle Caicos

17th Annual Valentine’s Day Cup

Most people celebrate Valentine’s Day with flowers, chocolates and romantic dinners. On the island of Middle Caicos, people also celebrate on the beach racing model sailboats built by hand—an ode to a local tradition that played an important role in the childhood of many Turks and Caicos Islanders. This Saturday, February 18, local residents and…

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family time: try a pedal cruise

Looking to take a quick spin around Grace Bay, maybe socialize a bit, maybe get a little exercise? If that sounds like music to your ears, try renting a pedal car. Paradise Pedal Cruisers in Saltmills Plaza is the brainchild of popular local sax-man Jervon Laporte, a versatile musician and entrepreneur. One day, while watching…

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under the sea: the beauty of snorkeling

With Turks and Caicos boasting some of the world’s most dramatic diving spots, snorkeling may not hold quite the same appeal for adventure thrill seekers – unless you’ve forgotten these islands stretch across the third largest barrier reef on earth. The white sand perfection of Providenciales’ Grace Bay beach may appear to lead solely to…

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Raised in Turks & Caicos, Sean and Liam Karam spent the past year traveling with the World Class Kiteboarding Academy headquartered in Hood River, Oregon.

liam and sean karam: air borne

Once upon a time there were two normal kids who grew up doing normal kid stuff: Playing hockey, practicing karate, flying kiteboards… OK, maybe those aren’t exactly normal kid activities elsewhere. Maybe they’re only normal on Providenciales, where a uniquely blended culture drawn from the traditions of Islanders and settlers makes life so surpris­ing and…

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Casablanca Casino

casablanca keeps good times rolling

For just a split second, the rhythmic sound of bells and rapid shuffling of varnished plastic fade. The air thick with anticipation, as the first bone falls upon the green felt. Enthusiastic onlookers draw in a quiet breath as their bodies lean in slightly awaiting the second to finish a final bounce. The silence is…

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