Picture this: you alongside the one you love, hand in hand, soaking in the sea air, splashing in the water, dancing in the sand. Sounds like a fantasy, right? Would you believe there is a stunningly beautiful place where those moments exist beyond just daydreams. In fact, it is capturing wistful moments like these, that has inspired much of the past several year’s work for Mermaid Pictures and Printing founder Martin Lingnau.

As a destination wedding and portrait photographer, Lingnau regularly takes his camera in hand photographing magical scenes in picturesque locations around the islands of the Turks and Caicos. Revealed in the portfolio of images he has captured, is his affinity for the marriage of composition and romance. “There is so much that goes into it,” he explains. For Lingnau, craft and emotion are meaningfully linked.

“Finding that connection, capturing that feeling,” Lingnau’s artistic eye represents only half the instinct he leans on when his finger draws down on the shutter. Keenly aware of subtle cues, he is drawn to creating images of some of the most unassuming, but truly whimsical moments in life.

Lingnau began his two-decade long photography career in Los Angeles engaged primarily in the fast-paced worlds of the music and fashion industries. However, from his first visit to the Turks and Caicos, his life and work cascaded in a new direction. The energy of the islands spoke to him in profound ways. The splendor of colors excited his visual appetence. The charm captivated his sentimental soul. He was drawn to this heavenly world and so set Turks and Caicos as the beautiful backdrop he endearingly calls home.

Today, his experience and adoration are seamlessly woven into the images he captures. Lingnau is passionate about creating inspired lasting memories for couples and families. Whether photographing for guests on holidays or honeymoons, weddings or weekend getaways, he describes something special about capturing those dreamy moments here, “Turks and Caicos is a romantic place.”

Image by Mermaid Pictures. Model: Makayla.
Jewelry: Atelys. Swimsuit: Salina by bēchë.