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osprey’s perch: a work of short fiction

Short story and photographs by Dominique Rolle A gust of punchy cool wind ascends him rapidly into the sun. Like a spider sliding down an invisible silk thread, he glacially descends into the mess of a nest he first built for her last winter. She’ll be here when the red dust comes blowing in from…

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Flora: Plants of the Turks and Caicos

Focusing on the relationship between local plants and Islanders, photographer Dominique Rolle has produced his first collection of fine art photography: Flora – Plants of the Turks and Caicos. The series premiered at the fifth annual ‘An Exclusive Evening of Art’ hosted at The Shore Club on January 26, 2019.

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start ups: rising artists on the scene

Many of them started showcasing their talents in Chrystal ‘TESS’ Charles’ backyard at the beloved entertainer’s ‘no-judgment, all love’ monthly open mic nights she dubbed B(ring) Y(our) O(wn) C(reativity) in April 2017. Some of them are veterans of the spoken word poetry scene trailblazed by the Towers of Babel, a performing arts troupe that first…

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geraan garland: mogul in the making

Twenty-eight year old Geraan Garland sees opportunity the way he sees paint prior to putting it on canvas – a world of potential simply waiting to be mixed with creativity, blended with technique, and finessed with patience and determination. Few of our Artist + Entrepreneur feature subjects have so embodied the balance of creativity and…

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renee wright: trailblazer for the body strong

Renee Wright’s affinity for tattoos and muscles goes back as far as her primary school days. Raised in Providenciales, Wright’s childhood pension for large stick-on tattoos was just the precursor to her high school experimentation with permanent ink as a student at the British West Indies Collegiate. Upon graduating from high school, Wright’s teenage trajectory…

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