Local artist Mike DeCamp

mike deCamp: oceanic artist

Mike DeCamp belongs to the ocean. Mention the sea to him and his eyes will instinctively brighten, flashing as blue as the cerulean waters off the coast of St. Augustine, Florida, where he was born. As the grandson of the famed artist and doll maker Norma DeCamp, a predetermined pathway into a career in art…

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Photographer Renau Destine

renau destine: photographer

There’s a reason people tell talented photographers that they’ve got “an eye.” The art of capturing extraordinary im­ages through the vessel of a camera requires more than just pointing and clicking. Instead, it takes the gift of seeing beyond the prisms of normality.  The process of photography for 26-year-old Renau Destine is like alchemy, taking…

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Raised in Turks & Caicos, Sean and Liam Karam spent the past year traveling with the World Class Kiteboarding Academy headquartered in Hood River, Oregon.

liam and sean karam: air borne

Once upon a time there were two normal kids who grew up doing normal kid stuff: Playing hockey, practicing karate, flying kiteboards… OK, maybe those aren’t exactly normal kid activities elsewhere. Maybe they’re only normal on Providenciales, where a uniquely blended culture drawn from the traditions of Islanders and settlers makes life so surpris­ing and…

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Song writer and producer Wyatt Easterling (right) brought along friends Naked Blue (Jen and Scott Smith) to participate in the 2015
Sundowner Music Festival.

sundowner music festival cruises to success

Music is a big business. With global audiences and expensive production budgets to cover, the music industry runs on big venues, big contracts, big names and big vendors. But music is also little. Personal. Communicative. Experimental. Collaborative. And this is the paradox: Without the little things that sustain the intimate exploration of music as a…

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