Major improvements are taking place at the South Caicos airport, which will see a complete revamp in 2016. The island, affectionately known as the “Big South”, has seen tremendous growth in recent years. A new hotel, East Bay Resort, opened this winter. Great House at Sailrock, the highly anticipated anchor of the multi-phase real estate and villa development, is scheduled to open this summer. The increased interest in the island has made the rehabilitation of it’s airport a top priority for the Government and after great effort put into detailed planning, improvements to the South Caicos airport are now well underway.

Phase One of the three phase project began in the first quarter of this year. This includes the construction of a brand new radar tower, one of the greatest benefits of which will be restoring night operations to the island. The original tower suffered significant damage during Hurricane Ike in 2008, limiting airlift to daylight hours. Phase Two, which includes resurfacing of the runway, apron refurbishments and perimeter fencing is slated to commence soon. One of the most exciting improvements will come in Phase Three when the terminal will be expanded to include updated facilities. The new terminal is expected to be ready to welcome passengers in 2017.

Caicos Express Image: Ileana Ravasio/ATTIMI PHOTOGRAPHY