Mario Rigby – the Grand-Turk-born, Toronto-based social-media travel adventurer – is headed back to Africa. Only this time, he won’t be walking.
Rigby (who graced our 20th edition cover) made international headlines with his Crossing Africa expedition, a two-year transcontinental walk that started in Cape Town and ended last March in Cairo. His purpose: Introduce an international digital audience to the humanity of everyday African people and the normalcy of everyday African life.

His next expedition, Project EVA, (“Electric Vehicle Africa”) will focus international attention on the continent’s growing energy and transportation needs.

“In early 2019, I’ll embark on a year-long journey to be the first person to drive a full electric vehicle (EV) around the African continent, proving it can be done!” Rigby announced recently on his website. He intends to visit 30 countries and collaborate with non-profits on his mission to promote the implementation of renewable energy solutions. “Yes, (the technologies) exist, and they work!”

Those technologies may exist, but circumnavigating Africa in a 10-month loop that begins and ends in Morocco is a challenge under any circumstances. That’s what makes a trip an adventure.

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Image provided by Mario Rigby