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mixology of style: what’s hot this winter

Top Image: (Left) Haider Ackermann makes combining street style with high fashion look effortless. (center) See thru to the hottest trends for spring/summer 2017 with Fendi’s sheath skirt layered over fanciful floral. (right) Masterfully combining prints, Giambattista Valli creates sophistcated yet fun looks. –  INDIGITAL IMAGES I’ve always loved employing the concept of juxtaposition, whether…

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Ruthie on fashion: what’s hot this summer

As we head into summer, I think we all feel like it’s time to get into shape since soon we will be revealing more skin. Logically, one might think that the warmer climate limits our options for apparel and accessories. Au contraire. I find that the “75º outside” editing process is always more difficult and…

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