The Amanyara resort has long been synonymous with a relaxing luxury holiday. In fact, it’s right there in the name: Amanyara means “peaceful place“ in ancient Sanskrit.

It begins with its secluded location on the tranquil northwestern shores of Providenciales. At each turn around the resort, you’re greeted with calming reflective pools and staff who cater to your every desire.

Traditionally, guests looking for some extra pampering would turn to the resort’s spa. But wellness isn’t just about massages these days.

Immersion experiences touch on all aspects of the guest’s lifestyle, while involving all areas of the resort.

“We are redefining wellness,” said Amanyara’s Wellness Immersion Manager David Melladew, who describes the centerpiece of the resort’s new wellness offering as a highly customizable immersion program. That means curating personalized immersion experiences that touch on all aspects of the guest’s lifestyle, while involving all areas of the resort.

“We are going beyond the spa and gym, with specialized menus, and incorporating resort activities such as nature walks and snorkeling,” Melladew said.

Whether you’re interested in weight-loss, detoxing or simply adding more mindfulness activities into your holiday, the individualized program starts with a pre-arrival consultation with the Immersion Manager.

“We tailor a program to their individual needs based on the experience of the practitioner on the best way to get there,” he said. The Immersion pathways may include specialist therapy sessions, spa treatments, or nutritional support.

In addition to coordinating activities, the program marries food and beverage with wellness. Melladew works with the chefs to create menus for the immersion program guests, offering them healthy options without sacrificing. “We aim to create an exciting and flavorful menu for them.”

A series of 2020 retreats will
feature renowned wellness experts.

The program, which can last anywhere from four days to three weeks, is seamlessly integrated into the guest’s overall vacation.

“Our hotels are so accustomed to specializing to the needs of the guest, and this is an extension of that service,” he adds. For those interested in sampling the program, a One-Day Taste of Wellness itinerary is also available.

One of the most exciting elements of the offering is that it can be personalized to individual visitors, whether they’re alone or in a group. Even one member of a family can enjoy the benefits of the wellness program. “They can still have fun and enjoy their vacation.”

And the benefits don’t stop when the vacation is over. A final consultation provides guidance the guests can take back into their everyday lives.

In addition to the Immersion Program offering, the resort has also planned a series of retreats with highly specialized individuals covering a multitude of disciplines relating to wellness for 2020.

The series begins in February, when the resort will host internationally renowned Tibetan Bon Buddhist spiritual master and scholar Geshe YongDong (Geshe La) for a unique spiritual retreat. Click here to learn more

Photos: Amanyara resort