world-class architecture

The past year has been a tremendous one for R.A. Shaw Designs with a number of its exciting projects breaking ground and the architecture firm receiving international acclaim at the 2017 International Property Awards in London. After winning the regional competition in November for Mandalay villa, an architectural marvel on Long Bay beach, R.A. Shaw…

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rock house resort celebrates milestone

The announcement of the first residential luxury resort tucked into the rugged, untouched limestone cliffs of Providenciales’ north shore has garnered much attention, both locally and abroad. In May, Rock House developers alongside Government representatives celebrated on the site of the upcoming project, where renderings and a model of the new project are on display….

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keep on tracking

Before this spring, they were just two unknown local teenagers. But after a chance encounter in mid-April, Turks and Caicos sea turtles – Wayne and Gerald – are off to see the world as scientific celebrities, with fans around the world watching their every move. The two “sub-adult” green turtles were picked up on the…

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