chef’s sweet strategy: quest for innovation

Chef Edwin Gallardo’s award-winning chocolate donut will eventually make an appearance on the menu at Seven, the Seven Stars Resort’s signature restaurant. But the concepts behind this year’s winner of the Sweet category at February’s Chocolate Lovers Showcase are part of everything that emerges from this popular Grace Bay kitchen. That celebrated donut – formally,…

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Executive Sous Chef Damion Carter secured his second savory win with a fish dish at this year’s Showcase.

bold combinations bring tasty payoff

Considering the level of professionalism in any Chocolate Lovers Showcase competi­tion, high quality is an assumed trait of any winning entry. This year’s Savory category winner – Fire & Ice Executive Sous Chef Damion Carter – delivered all the quality one would expect, joining the event’s elite ranks with his second Savory title. This year’s…

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coco van

coco fun: Providenciales’ latest foodie sen­sation

Coco Van – Providenciales’ newest foodie sen­sation – breaks away from the island’s culinary mainstream by invoking the carefree spirit of the classic Airstream. Coco Van is Provo’s stylish answer to America’s food truck craze, an island take on the street-side urban dining trend. Though the streamlined caravan stays parked next to its sister restaurant,…

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chef jason heath: perfect chemistry

Jason Heath describes his style of cooking as “fusion.” The popular new chef at Kitchen 218 at the Beach House resort on Grace Bay could also, quite accurately, characterize his cuisine with some words that do double-duty describing his personality: bright, charismatic, engaging. Of course, the man himself is a fusion of at least three…

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To celebrate the fifth
anniversary of its
popular beach front
pop-up, Stix is back
at the Grace Bay Club.

stix is back for an encore at GBC

When Grace Bay Club launched its pop-up concept in 2011, it was a whole new take on beach-side cuisine. In the five years since, we have seen a number of creative ideas from the resort’s chefs. From food packed in jars to everything in the shape of balls. To celebrate the five-year anniversary of the…

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coco bistro’s new lounge

The bright orange walls and midnight blue shutters of Coco Bistro have become syn­onymous with delicious food in a festive atmosphere on the island of Providenciales. This season you will find a new experience welcoming diners including a new entrance, as well as an updated bar for lounging. With reservations as coveted as a ticket…

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Caribbean Food and Wine Festival

Mark your calendar: 6th Caribbean Food and Wine Fest set for Nov. 3-6

Open your calendar and pull out your checkbook — the ever-expanding Caribbean Food and Wine Festival is set to return for its sixth year this November, with tickets sure to sell out quickly. The four-day event, generally considered one of the most successful and popular entries on Providenciales’ recurring social calendar, will be held from Thursday,…

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Grace Bay Club's 2016 Chocolate Lovers Showcase winning dish.

crème brûlée meets chocolate truffle

Compared to other kitchen jobs – with the chopping, searing, shouting and constant motion – pastry work can seem almost ethereal, like alchemy sifted with sugar and dreams. It follows that pastry makers might think a bit differently. So it went with this year’s Grace Bay Club entry in the 2016 Chocolate Lovers Showcase Sweet…

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Chef Eddwin Gallardo

choco taco: a new twist on a classic

n retrospect, the amazing thing about Edwin Gallardo’s inspiration for his 2016 Chocolate Lovers Showcase Savory Award-winner wasn’t the subtle genius that hybridized the deep, complex flavors of duck confit with the richness of dark chocolate and the bright notes of citrus. Rather, it was an impulse universally recognizable to just about anyone who has…

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